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    High / Vocational School Teachers Benefit System in West Java Would Emulate School Operational Funds (BOSS)


    BANDUNG-West Java Provincial Government is preparing the transfer system of High / Vocational School teacher allowances by emulating the transfer pattern of school operational funds (BOSS).

    Regional Secretary West Java Iwa Karniwa said, he got a lot of complaints from teachers related to stagnant of teacher certification allowance in a number of areas. Complaints come in a variety start from Cirebon to West Bandung Regency.

    "In average they complained because of not disburing teacher profession certification allowance," he said in Bandung on Tuesday (15/11).

    According to him, the case of late teacher certification allowances problem lies in local government. It is currently only helps coordinate this issue with a number of regional heads in order not to delay end of year.

    "There were complaining from September has not been disbursed, we help to coordinate it," he said.

    West Java provincial government itself is currently developing a system of teacher allowances in order to prevent cases of delay. According to him, the transfer in management of High / Vocational School later, the issue of allowances which still continues to be discussed will be made as safe as possible for teachers. (Even)

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