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    Minister of Industry is Launching Healthy Life Society Movement in Bogor


    BOGOR REGENCY-Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar with his wife R. Giselawati Mizwar are accompanying the Minister of Industry (Industry) Airlangga Hartanto who is representing the Coordinating Minister of Human Development and Culture (PMK) Puan Maharani launched or launching Healthy Living Society Movement (Germas) programs.

    "The Government of West Java Province is certainly very welcome and will fully supports the efforts of the Ministry of Health to make successful Germas, which the launch today centered in Bantul, Yogyakarta, "said Vice Governor in his speech.

    Bogor regency have become one of the locations of the 10 districts / cities in Indonesia for launching this program, in addition to Batam, Bantul, Jambi, Padang Pariaman district, Pandeglang, Pare-pare, Purbalingga, Surabaya and Madiun.

    "Bogor Regency becomes specially selected and in West Java become the one and only because Bogor Regency also has the largest population in West Java, "said Airlangga.

    On this occasion, Airlangga also stressed through Germas need to push the development of industry health-based with utilizing of existing human resources in Bogor. Bogor could be the basis of industrial development in the west region, such as the development of the industry or dairy processing plant, which is currently there are 40 companies, but only five companies were able to absorb milk from farmers.

    Meanwhile, Coordinating Minister of Human Development and Culture Puan Maharani said that Germas is an initiation of President Joko Widodo. The program is carried out in order to strengthen health development paradigm that emphasizes preventive and promotive efforts without Curative and Rehabilitative efforts with involving the entire nation.

    "Therefore, Germas aims is to reduce the burden of disease, avoid a decrease in productivity of the population, lowering the load health care financing. Due to the increased disease will increase health spending, "said Puan in remarks was read by the Minister of Industry.

    Puan also encourages all parties, including the ministries / state agencies, local government, business community, religious leaders, as well as various components of other communities to ensure and increase mutual cooperation in awareness, willingness, and ability to live a healthy life of each individual community.

    To that end, Government invites the community to cultivate healthy living through healthy lifestyle changes that can help the Government in improving the health of the Indonesian people.

    "A small step like maintaining healthy home, wash your hands before eat, availability of clean water, eating enough fruits and vegetables, exercise enough, enough sleep, keep children from smoking. The hope that it can give a tremendous impact for the family to run long, "urged Puan.

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