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    Vehicle Tax Now Could Pay in Five Banks ATM


    BANDUNG-After some time ago four state and private banks to establish cooperation with the Provincial Government of West Java related Motor Vehicles tax payments (PKB) through Automated Teller machine (ATM), now CIMB Niaga Bank also provides for Motor Vehicles tax payment in the 3700 ATM scattered in various regions.

    The signing of the cooperation conducted between the West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan with the Board of Directors of CIMB Niaga Bank also witnessed by the police chief and West Java Traffic Directorate as well as the West Java Regional Secretary and Head of Revenue Department of West Java, in the West Hall of Gedung Sate Bandung, Monday (14/11/2016).

    Governor Ahmad Heryawan revealed, as more banks cooperated in the program e-Samsat, it will be even easier people as a taxpayer in paying the annual Motor Vehicles Tax.

    "Now there have been five banks BJB, BRI, BNI, BCA and now CIMB Niaga, then our e-Samsat have succeeded in making the payment so smoothly and easily because it does not need to come to the Samsat office, "said Aher.

    It also will increase West Java revenue (PAD) from vehicle tax sector. Aher stated, the presence of  e-Samsat innovation that has been running one of this year, West Java revenue increased to Rp. 393 billion.

    "From all of these innovations rose to 393 billion, yes," he said.

    West Java provincial government according to him was ready when there are similar banks that will establish cooperation related to e-Samsat. But the condition, the entire ATM owned by the bank must provide Motor Vehicles Tax payment menu without make a special ATM.

    "So if the bank has 10,000 ATMs then throughout the ATM anyway people can pay Motor Vehicles Tax just add the menu only, so the community can pay it wherever and whenever, therefore we open to any bank that want to cooperate, "he explained.

    Meanwhile, according to the West Java Police Chief Inspector General of Police. Bambang Waskito, e-samsat units rated managed to eliminate the practice of brokering and extortion. Bambang explained, in accordance with the implementation of Indonesia Police Chief priority programs regarding public services those are easily to access, fast and free brokers then e-Samsat is a response to the demands of society on the importance of service adopts the banking system.

    "It could avoid the practice of brokering and extortion because e-Samsat has according to the Indonesia Chief Police priority program regarding public service those are easily to access, fast and free brokers based IT, "said the police chief.

    At the same place, Head of Digital Banking CIMB Niaga, Bambang Karsono said the launch of this new service is expected to expand scope West Java e-Samsat user in order to obtain more local revenue.

    "It is also a manifestation of our support for non-cash movements launched by Bank Indonesia, "he said.

    Bambang explained, for taxpayers who will make payments Motor Vehicle Tax via ATM CIMB Niaga, can go into the menu and then select the Pay Motor Vehicle Tax feature. Furthermore, the payer will be asked to enter the two digit code of Province (32 to Motor Vehicle Tax West Java Samsat) and the period of vehicle validity. Then select debit account number and confirm the Motor Vehicle Tax payment and SWDKLLJ West Java SAMSAT and declared successful transaction. Proof of payment transaction that is out from ATM machines are valid evidence and the same as the proof issued by SAMSAT.

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