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    12 Major Indicators As A Marker of Family Health Status


    BANDUNG-Governor of West Java H.Ahmad Heryawan together with invited guests signed a commitment, "Through Healthy Life Society Movement and Rescue Mother and Newborn Movement, We Build Healthy and Strong Generation of West Java "at the 52nd National Health Day (HKN) Year 2016 in Gedung Sate yard, Diponegoro Street, Bandung, on Monday (14/11).

    The governor said the Healthy Life Society Movement (Germas) is systematic and planned action conducted jointly by all components of the nation with awareness, willingness and ability to adopt healthy behaviors to improve the quality of life.

    "The goal is that people behave well, so it is expected to have an impact on maintained health, the creation of a clean environment, so that if healthy, produktivity of society increases and cost expenses for treatment will be reduced, "he said.

    It is explained that Healthy Indonesia program conducted with an family approach and set 12 major indicators as a marker of family health status. Indicators as a marker of family health status are: first, family follow family planning program.

    Furthermore, second is the mother to give birth in a health facility. Third, baby gets fully basic immunized. Fourth, infants received breast milk (Exclusive breastfeeding). Fifth, toddlers get growth monitoring. Sixth, tuberculosis patients with pulmonary get appropriate standard treatment.

    Seventh, people with hypertension take medication regularly. Eighth, people with mental disorders receive treatment and not abandoned. The ninth, members are not smoking. Tenth, the family has become member of National Health Insurance. Eleventh, family have access clean water facilities, and twelfth, healthy family latrines. (ADI).

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