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    Bonus Rp 200 Million West Java PON XIX Athletes Disburse in January 2017


    BANDUNG-Bonus for West Java gold medalist athletes at PON XIX will be given in January 2017. As stated by the Governor of West Java Ahmad Heryawan (Aher), when interviewed in Jabar Kahiji PON XIX Thanksgiving event in the Gymnasium of Indonesian Education University (UPI) in Bandung, Sunday (11/13/2016).

    "God willing, on January (2017) it will be given," said Aher.

    He has tried to disburse the bonus as soon as possible but still can not use the budget of pure West Java budget and changes in 2016 because it would violate the rules.

    A total of 217 West Java athletes gold medalist will earn a bonus of Rp. 200 million per person. The net amount to be received by the athlete without have to pay taxes, because the provincial government will bear all costs tax amounting to Rp. 30 million.

    "200 million net, should be taxed 30 million but do not worry West Java provincial government will bear the cost of the tax, "he explained.

    Money, further Aher, will be submitted to the athletes directly through their personal account. So he is requested that bonus recipients candidates immediately take care of the administrative and coordinating with West Java KONI.

    "I ask athletes immediately took care of the administration because the bonus would transferred directly to the account respectively, "he said.

    Not only gold medalist, silver and bronze medalists were still going receive a bonus. However Aher was reluctant to disclose the amount, which would have given in conjunction with a bonus for winning of gold medal.

    "For silver and bronze medalist also are also be counted do not worry, "he said.

    In celebration Jabar Kahiji PON XIX initiated by West Java KONI was also attended by Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar along with his wife, West Java Secretary Iwa Karniwa, Chairman of West Java Parliament ineu Purwadewi, Contingent West Java Commander West Java PON Major General Hadi Prasojo and all athletes. On the occasion even Aher cut cone submitted to a few parties while saying gratitude for the success and the success of organizing PON XIX and hoping this success can be repeated in PON XX 2020 in Papua.

    "It's a form of gratitude we have realized Jabar Kahiji and we are ready to retain the title in PON 2020, "said Aher.

    Three of fourth successful launched by West Java PON Board Executives according Aher had realized, including the successful of achievement, successful of implementation and successful of social economy.

    "One more thing that is successful administration will be determined later on 30 November 2016, "he continued.

    Upon this successful achievement where West Java contingent earns 217 gold medals which is the most winning in the history of PON, on this occasion West Java contingent is awarded by the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) as contingent with the most winning gold medals.

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