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    See You in FFJB 2017


    BANDUNG-Film Festival in West Java (FFJB) 2016 officially closed. Festival which is an event to show off the "Independent Movie Maker" is closed with the Film Festival Awarding Night in West Java in 2016, which is ultimate or culmination of a whole series of Film Festival West Java 2016 activities.

    Officially, the event was closed immediately by Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar, in Closed Theather, West Java Cultural Park on Saturday (12/11/2016).

    Deddy said, in this FFJB 2016 there are diverse creativity, which indicated the young filmmakers in West Java. Therefore, he claimed, it was quite satisfying. It means that FFJB 2016 can be considered successful in opening creative space for young people to express themselves through the film.

    "Every year the increase in the amount and quality (film) felt at all. We expect it will grow, and the next year will be added again with one category, which is the theme of the environment, "Revealed Deddy Mizwar.

    In the future, according to Deddy, the theme of the environment is important to be appointed given the importance of environmental awareness education to the community, including foster love to environment for the young filmmakers themselves. It becomes important, because the carrying capacity of the environment becomes the main thing in the passage of a nation.

    Deddy fore expected, FFJB is not only attended by filmmakers in West Java alone, but throughout Indonesia on a national scale can be followed. "Maybe Next, the participants can be from overseas. So from West Java to Indonesia, West Java to the world, "he says.

    On the eve of grace FFJB 2016, given a number of Award with various categories such as:

    - Best Music Video


    Title: "Revenge The Fate: Vengeance"

    Director: Fikar Lataba

    Cameraman: Rinan Pratama Putra

    PH: Triflet Visual Works

    - Best Film Poster


    Title: "Melayang"

    Director: Otte Riski

    Cameraman: Rais Tri

    PH: Sudut Noda Pict

    - Best Story


    Scriptwriter: Zain Aulia A

    The film's title: "Sepatut Butut"

    Director: Zain Aulia A

    Stylist Camera: Zain Aulia A

    Production House: SMAN 3 Kuningan

    - Best Stylist Camera


    Stylist Camera: Nier & Hendro Bagus

    The film's title: 'Muka' ku '

    Director: Nier Castielroy

    Scriptwriter: Nier Castielroy

    Production House: I Speak Without Voice Studio

    - Best Director


    Director: Pratomo Waskito

    The film's title: "Paket"

    Scriptwriter: Pratomo Waskito

    Stylist Camera: Rejkie Dinihari

    Production House: Dwi Marlinawati

    - Best Film


    The film's title: "Lalunya"

    Director: Mubyar Parangina

    Scriptwriter: Syafrina A.P

    Stylist Camera: Riama Franciska

    Production House: FFTV IKJ

    By becoming an award-winning, value gift which filmmakers get among others: 30 million for best film, best director 20 million, best stylist camera Rp 15 million, Rp15 million for authors of the best stories, the best movie poster Rp15 million, Rp15 million for best music videos, movies and music videos nominations each respectively Rp7.5 million.

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