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    Youth Organization (Karang Taruna) Has Network Power


    BANDUNG REGENCY-Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar said Youth Organization (Karang Taruna) has great power to evoke people's economy, strength are included on connectivity, or youth organization (Karang Taruna) network itself.

    Deddy said, the youth organization (Karang Taruna) rooted from national level to the local level, even RT is a strong network in building a business.

    It is revealed by him in Launching of Youth Organization Service Month event West Java Province Levels 2016, in subdistrict Ciwidey Office yard Saturday (12/11/2016).

    "Innovation, networking, entrepreneurship needs to be developed by the Youth. With a strong and wide network, from the national, provincial, city, districts, and even the level of RT / RW, it's incredible business network, "said Deddy Mizwar.

    Deddy exemplifies the creativity that has made youth of West Java Province in Karawang. They packed the rice produced by farmers in Karawang with attractive packaging, and selling them at prices not too expensive. Things to do is able to break the chain of middlemen and farmers.

    In another example Deddy expects, every youth in the area can develop a specific commodity selling power in the region, after that, with the existing network, while in other areas of need, or shortage of certain commodities, Youth which has commodities required, can directly supply it. That's the business network as well as social network, which is expected by Deddy to able to revive people' economy, which could have an effect on the suppression of inflation in the region.

    "So let's say there are citrus crop in the district of Bandung, possibly in Cimahi, or in Bandung shortage of orange, why we take them from the outside, Youth should know about it. Chili in Garut harvest, Soreang shortage of chili, why we have to buy at the wholesale market, just bring them from Garut, could have more cheap, it will also prevent high inflation area, because the information and networking, "Deddy Papar.

    Meanwhile on the activities, it is carried out also awarding Aditya Mahatva Yodha Karya Award 2016, West Java Province Level which consists of seven categories:
    1. Top General Coach of Village Youth West Java Province Level
    - Yusuf Saepudin, Sindanglaya Village Head, District Cipanas, Cianjur regency
    - Imas Masopah, Lebakmuncang Village Head, District Ciwidey, Bandung regency
    - Engkos Kasturi, Sindangjawa Village Head, District Dukupuntang, Cirebon
    - Turino, Maruyung Sari Village Head, District Padaherang, Pangandaran regency
    - Aminudin, Head of Windu Herang, Cigugur subdistrict, Kuningan regency
    - Naning Yuningsih, Head of Padjadjaran, Cicendo subdistrict, Bandung
    - Teti Firdaus, Kalangsari Village Head, District Rengasdengklok, Karawang
    - Dede Sugendi, Head of Ciparigi, District of North Bogor, Bogor City
    - Suhendar, Cibinong Village Head, District Jatiluhur, Purwakarta
    - Dindin Sukaya, Village Head of Cibodas, Lembang district, West Bandung regency
    - Najmuddin, Head of Bahagia, Babelan subdistrict, Bekasi Regency
    - Suryana Yusuf, Head of Pondok Jaya, District Cipayung, Depok City
    - Rika Martiana, Head of Cibeureum, District of South Cimahi, Cimahi

    2. Top General Coach of District Youth West Java Province Level
    - Suhendra, Head of Cipanas, Cianjur regency
    - Asep Ruswandi, Head of Ciwidey, Bandung regency
    - Sudarna, Head of Dukupuntang, Cirebon
    - Saprudin Halip Nurdin, Head of Padaherang, Pangandaran regency
    - Agus Basuki, Head of Cigugur, Kuningan regency
    - Fajar Kurniawan, Head of Cicendo, Bandung
    - Revelation Asep Suherman, Head of Rengasdengklok, Karawang
    - Slamet Nugroho, Head of Lembang, West Bandung regency

    3. Coach of Functional / Technical Functional Best Partner in Provincial Level
    - Aaron Kertasaputra Arifin, Head of Social Department of West Java Province
    - Munajat Yudha Saputra, head of Sports and Youth Department of West Java Province

    4. Top Best Youth Cadre
    - Dadang M Naser, Bandung Regent

    5. Purna Bhakti Utama
    - Faqih Usman Umar, Former Chairman of the Youth Communication Forum (FKKT) in West Java
    - Effendi Suryana, Former Chairman of West Java FKKT
    - Khoirul Anam, former functionary FKKT West Java, and functionaries of the National FKKT
    - Suhendra, Former Functional coach
    - Wahyu Iskandar, former functionary FKKT West Java, and Functional coach
    - Chakra Sudraja, Former Functional coach

    6. Best Business Partners
    - Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) West Java Province

    7. Top Board Youth District / City
    - Management of Youth Kuningan Regency Specifications Performance Area Government Relations field
    - Management of Youth Bandung, empowerment Creativity in Youth Village field
    - Management of Youth Bekasi, Solidity and strengthening management
    - Management of Youth Bandung regency, Specifications Human Resources Development of Youth field
    - Management of Youth Tasikmalaya regency, Division of Youth Villages institutional Consolidated and productive economic business development

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