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    West Java Held "Indonesian Ethnographic Film Festival"


    JAKARTA, West Java back in the lead. The first in the country, the Government of West Java Province in cooperation with University of Indonesia (UI Depok) Library Center held Indonesian Ethnographic Film Festival, or commonly called IEF-Fest.

    According to plan, The event will take place 16 to 18 November 2016 in Ruang Apung & Library Plaza, University of Indonesia, Depok, West Java.

    "Indonesian Ethnographic Film Festival gave a redefinition of what ethnography movie is, Ethnography was not just about documentaries, feature films, fiction movies can also be an ethnographic work, "said Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar when meeting Indonesian Director of Ethnographic Film Festival, Franki Raden in Cikini area of Central Jakarta, Friday (11/11/2016).

    Ethnographic itself usually contains, or tell the culture of a tribe nation, or particular groups of people's life stories.

    Deddy rates, ethnographic film festival is important to be held because this country has a rich ethnic and cultural richness, as well as various sort of groups community with each its characters, which can be referred to as material, or land research and research studies based ethnography film.

    "So many opportunities to make ethnographic films with a variety of diversity in Indonesia, the world famous film star was coming 'here' to make films, now we as natives do not hesitate to make a movie, do not we run out of material taken by others "said Deddy.

    Indonesian Ethnographic Film Festival Director Franki Raden said on upcoming Indonesian Ethnographic Film Festival will be a variety of activities such as workshops, seminars, screening, and competition.

    Workshop will be filled by a powerful director Garin Nugroho. while in competition, the jury was asked is Totot Indarto, Tommy Awuy, and Seno Gumira Ajidarma.

    "There's 50s movie entry submission for the competition, and there are eight films  screening, documentaries and features, "he said.

    A number of movies playing in the Indonesian Ethnographic Film Festival among others Global Metal (Sam Dunn), Street Punk! Banda Aceh (Maria Bakkalapulo), Retrospective (Garin Nugroho), Hidup Untuk Mati (Tino Saroengallo), and Cahaya dari Timur (Angga Dwimas Sasongko).

    The festival is open to the public. Planned, IEF-Fest will be an annual event and will be a place to work for the gifted young filmmakers in this country. Rundown and information can be accessed via www.ief-fest.com.

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