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    Ignatius: Geological Agency Equipment Need to be Updated


    BANDUNG-disaster and Geological Agency equipment such as Seismograph installed at the volcano had to be renewed.

    EMR Minister Ignatius Jonan said the year 2017 the entire equipment must be renewed.

    "It's old, should be modernized. I ask the Head of Geological Agency, 2017 should have been done, "he said.

    Ignatius said that the modernization of disaster mitigation equipment should be carried out. It was following that Indonesia were in the susceptible area of natural disasters, so nformation on disaster should be utilized by the public.

    "The report and the information should be as early as possible regarding disaster mitigation both volcanic and tectonic to stakeholders in order to anticipation can be done as early as possible, "said Ignatius.

    Head of Geological Agency, Ego Syahrial, confirmed that some mitigation equipment owned still using the 80s era technology. He plans to propose a revitalization tool in 2017.

    "Especially eruption movement potential monitoring tool," he said. Jo

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