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    Political Parties, Pilar Democratic Guarding Government


    BANDUNG-Political Parties are the main pillars in supporting democracy. Considering the importance role of political parties, then it is proper if each Political Party continues to improve itself, so that it can perform its functions optimally, especially in the regeneration process, political education, and  healthy social control.

    It is said by Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar, in his speech in Commemoration 5th Anniversary of National Democratic Party (Nasdem), at Sasana Budaya Ganesha (Sabuga) Bandung, Thursday (11/10/2016).

    "Therefore, we need an ideology and a strong commitment from all cadres to establish their party in order to function properly as means of articulation and aggregation of community interests. At the same time, the position of the people, the mass media and the government must also be strong to encourage the credibility of political party, "said Deddy Mizwar.

    Deddy continued, people or constituents play an important role, because the people are voters of Political Party. That is why political education to the public is the key factor for the political maturity on society that will largely determine their political stance.

    As a pillar of democracy, the party cadres should also have a strong commitment to build a healthy democracy climate. "Strengthen the foundations of the party struggle to realize the round-absolute alignments for the benefit of people, and bring the straight oriented change movement on the advancement effort of the nation, " He said.

    "Therefore, on this auspicious occasion I would like to express appreciation to the NasDem party cadres who sit in West Java Province Parliament, who did not hesitate to give support to Provincial Government programs which are pro-people, but at the same time ready to be critical-constructive in performing the functions of legislation, budget and supervision, "he pointed out.

    Thus said Deddy, in carrying out public policy, West Java Province government always guarded for not negligent to translate the expectations of the people in the right track, transparent, effective, efficient and accountable, so that no one rupiah of regional budget useless, except to finance regional development pro-poor, pro-jobs, pro-growth and pro-environment.

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