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    Unpad is Ready to Assist Research Tax


    BANDUNG-diversity of the scientific potential possessed by Unpad be authorized to conduct a research related to taxes.

    According to Rector Tri Hanggono Ahmad, research related to taxes has larger scope in non-financial sector.

    "In addition to the financial sector, It is greater in non micro aspects; legal aspect, behavioral aspects, social aspects, to the cultural aspect. This is what we need to help. Almost nothing in science we are not related, "he explained.

    With contributions through the academic sector, the rector believes this should be a differentiator with other institutions. This contribution is expected to be commitment also for other universities in an effort to improve state revenues from the taxation sector.

    In addition, Unpad can also contribute by pushing through network cooperation. Currently, through the program Unpad Nyaah ka Jabar, Padjadjaran university at least has networks of cooperation with 27 Cities / Regencies in West Java. These two aspects are expected to build up the confidence to push extension of the spirit in paying taxes.

    Furthermore, the Rector said that the success of people pay taxes is the capital to promote development in Indonesia. He was optimistic that public welfare will rise. If the income is greater then it will have an impact on the improvement of infrastructure services, health services to improvement welfare. jo

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