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    Thousands of Students Pilgrimage to Heroes Cemetery


    BANDUNG-As a tribute to the services of the heroes who have fallen fighting for independence, thousands of students from Miftahul Huda boarding school pilgrimage to Cikutra Heroes Cemetery, Bandung.

    Based on the observation of www.Jabarprov.go.id male and female students looks solemn sending prayers to the heroes who have fallen with the guided by clerics.

    In addition to performing prayers together, at the north field of Cikutra Heroes Cemetery, Bandung, male and female students who come from 27 cities and regencies in West Java, also got a brief tausiyah with theme "State Defense"

    In addition to the pilgrimage, in the "Ziyarah Santri-Santri Bela Negara NKRI Harga mati" event held on Thursday (10/11) as well as an event to gather the students of Miftahul Huda scattered throughout West Java. (Parno)

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