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    Bandung Raya Flood Management Coordination


    BANDUNG-In order to strengthen coordination between the Central Government, Regional Government and District / City Government in handling various problems in the area, especially in Reducing Bandung Raya Flood Inundation, the signing of the Joint Statement of Bandung Raya Flood Management Bases on Numerical modeling for Reducing Bandung Raya Flood Inundation held in West Hall of Gedung Sate Bandung, Thursday (11/10/2016).

    The joint statement was signed; Vice Governor of West Java as PLH of Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar, Bandung Mayor M. Ridwan Kamil, Bandung Regent Dadang M. Naser, Vice Mayor Cimahi Sudiarto, Regent of Sumedang Eka Setiawan, West Bandung Regent Abu Bakar, Director General of Water Resources The Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing Imam Santoso, Deputy of Climatological BMKG R. Mulyono Rahadi Prabowo, and Head of Research and Development of the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing Danis H. Sumadilaga.

    Deddy said that the floods that occurred in some places in the Metropolitan Bandung Raya region is a natural occurrence caused by two things, the first reduction in water catchment areas, and second the weather conditions or high intensity of rain.

    During this time, various efforts to address flooding have been done by the Central Government, provincial and district / city. But admittedly it is still partial, so the result is felt not maximized. Therefore, it is a necessity if the flood in Bandung Raya done comprehensive, holistic and measurable Based Numerical Modeling.

    "Based on the Numerical Modeling, composed the work to be done in order to solve a structural, integrated with treatment of non-structural and cultural involving various parties related, either from the Central Government, Provincial and District / City, and academia, business and the community, "Said Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar.

    The multi-stakeholder commitments contained in the Joint Statement today signed with, namely:

    1) Optimize the handling of floods in Bandung Raya Based Numerical Modelling for Reducing Bandung Raya Flood Inundation".

    2) Divide roles in format of Multiparty Implementation Action Plan Works (RAM-IP) for the Reduction of Bandung Raya Flood Inundation, which is divided into handling the structural, non-structural and cultural; and

    3) Integrating, harmonizing and integrating policies, programs and activities of the Central Government, Provincial Government of West Java, and District / City Government, as well as stakeholders in the Region of Bandung Raya in accordance with their authority.

    Further Deddy, the signing of a commitment decision. In less than about 10 days ahead, the Multiparty Implementation Action Plan Works (RAM IP) for handling Bandung Raya flood will present as a reference in tackling these problems.

    Any documents RAM-IP in handling Bandung Raya flood has four important points. First, the load of the room explaining that the job of particular flood management will be done in the areas. Such as planting a tree, normalization of the river, and so forth.

    The second is related to the function of time, in terms of who first worked the flood management. Third, the function of the institution. Fourth, about the function of budget.

    "With this signing, there is an important commitment right, we anticipated flooding within the framework of 20 years, once flooding biennial, five years can be resolved optimally. Each of District / City later worked on the structure, the non - structural, and cultural, "said Deddy.

    "Obviously we are in Province, District / City and central government working with one document. Such as how KBB to design building control in KBU, drainage in Bandung like what, and preparing downstream in the district (Bandung), which empties into the Citarum like. This should be integrated, "he added.

    Therefore, according to Deddy preparation of RAM IP especially, and various efforts of Bandung Raya flood completion is generally important to be escorted. And IP RAM completed as soon as possible before the budget decided.

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