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    Bandung Regency Admits that Flood in 2016 Increased


    BANDUNG-Bandung Regency admits that flood conditions that occurred in 2016 increased. The percentage increase in reach 20 to 30 percent. Even there is flood area that hit the area that previously did not exist flooding, namely in the subdistrict of Cicalengka, said Regent Bandung, Dadang M Nasser, in a statement to reporters, at Gedung Sate, Thursday (10/11).

    "Due to increased flood in this year, Bandung regency is already taken steps in anticipation of both structural and non-structural. To resolve the problem of flooding, it is proposed budget for next year Rp. 100 billion, "he said.

    For the treatment of structural, infrastructure improvements including repairs drainage continue to be implemented. For the improvement of the infrastructure, in conditions of big quantities will be handled by the Central Government through the Ministry of Public Works. As for small quantities are handled by Bandung Regency.

    On the other hand, for the treatment of non-structural is implemented vegetative effort, ie by planting orange trees and woody. To guard against a disaster, people are encouraged not to plant crops with intercropping patterns.

    Dadang, in another part of his statement said that to cope with routine flood in Cieunteung area, the land in the area of 6 hectares, will be changed into an artificial lake. For completion stage is currently being processed calculation of the land price, but due to rain which is affecting floods National Land Agency (BPN) was forced to suspend the calculation process. The measuring process will be continued after the land in the region are not floods.

    "Completion of the flood problem that struck the residents, has prepared a budget Rp. 15 billion. The funds are allocated among others to fund refugees' utilities including everyday expenses such as the budget for a meal and drink for refugees "he added. (NR)

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