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    Republic of Indonesia Parliament Pushes Health Ministry to Optimize Health Budget in State Budget 2017


    BANDUNG-Ministry of Health (MoH) is expected to optimize the health budget in the state budget 2017 in order to improve the quality of human resources in Indonesia, said the Member of Commission IX of the House of Representatives Ahmad Zainuddin in a release received by jabarprov.go.id on Thursday (10/11).
    Currently, said Ahmad quality of human resources is quite improved, as evidenced by the increasing of Human Development Index (HDI) annually. However, the number of active smokers in Indonesia is still very high.

    Health budgets become the fifth largest allocation in State Budget 2017. The amount has reached Rp 104 trillion, or 5 percent of State Budget.

    "It is big enough. Hopefully the government can actually optimize this budget, so that the quality of public health increased, "he said.
    Optimizing the health budget should be encouraged because, the increasing Indonesia HDI each year are not balanced with the development of public health quality in Indonesia. It can be exemplified by the number of active smokers in Indonesia are still very high.
    Data from The Tobacco Atlas 2015, said Indonesia is in the first ranks of the world for the number of men smokers over the age of 15 years. The data shows that about 66% of men in Indonesia are active smokers. While Russia 60% and China 53%. In Southeast Asia, the Philippines 48%, Vietnam 47%, Thailand 46%, and Malaysia 44%.

    "The government must be firm, tighten the policy on smoking. Smoking is a source of various diseases," he said.
    Therefore, people are asked to start a healthy lifestyle. Healthy Living Society Movement (Germas) also prompted broad support from various circles. The trick is to provide an extensive space of campaign and infrastructure service policy that supports the program.
    "For example, the government should provide good public transport and healthy, multiply the sports facilities, multiply the space without a cigarette, multiply the green open space, up to the policy of tightening cigarette. The government should be an example of a healthy lifestyle, "he concluded. (NR)

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