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    Heroism Values, Elements Shaping Unity


    BANDUNG-Still in the series of Heroes Day Commemoration, National Pilgrimage Ceremony held at the Heroes Cemetery Cikutra Bandung on Thursday (11/10/2016).

    Met after doing a pilgrimage and sow flowers on the graves of the heroes there, the Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar says that heroism value should be an element to build togetherness which in turn can form a unity.

    Because if it is seen at the time of the old struggle, challenges faced by the heroes is to gain independence from the colonialists which of course is very heavy. While at this time, to maintain the integrity Unitary Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) into a liability also can not be considered 'lightly' for the younger generation now.

    "Maintaining Unitary Republic of Indonesia sovereignty it takes struggle values or heroic values which are exemplified by the earlier heroes" said Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar.

    "If we can not defend the sovereignty, then we will torn by the hidden agendas of the various nations that have interests, "said Deddy.

    Therefore, according to Deddy, the value of the heroes had become spirit for the community, especially the youth in building the nation, forming the union.

    Because of it, Further Deddy, values of struggle, sincerity, abstinence surrender, unconditional, courage and honesty owned by the hero, not only exist when maintaining independence yet but until now the value is still required.

    "Heroism had not belonged to a generation of 1945, but also the rights and obligation of the present generation because today's problem is becoming complex, " Deddy said.

    "Remember the third principle of our Pancasila, this must be addressed so that one step to this country can be realized, because do not be this unity becoming a luxury for us, "he said.

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