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    Heroes Day Commemoration, Minister of Social Affairs Emphasizes Progressive Patriotism


    BANDUNG-Heroes Day Commemoration Ceremony in West Java Province Level 2016 held in Gedung Sate yard Bandung, Thursday (11/10/2016).

    Minister of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia Khofifah Indar Parawansa, through her speech read by Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar said that after Indonesia won its independence, 'Heroism Passion' is not enough just to maintain defensive patriotism, but what is needed is a more positive patriotism and progressive patriotism.

    He revealed it because according to him, true Patriotism is not only to maintain, but also improve the condition of the country. out of the various nation problems today, progressive patriotism is required to bring the nation's independence without becoming stuck in the attitude of anti-foreign.

    "In order to achieve nationality livelihoods which are independent , united, sovereign, fair and prosperous, progressive patriotism must develop the resilience of nations to be independent in the economy, sovereign in the field of politics and personality in culture, "he said.

    Meanwhile through the Mental Revolution Movement, it is expected to encourage New Life Movement, in the form; 1) Recast way of thinking, a way of work, way of life, which hinder progress. 2) Improvement and development of ways of thinking, ways of working, and a good way of life.

    "In short, the New Life Movement is a movement of mental revolution" to galvanize Indonesia's human to be a new man, which has pure heart, steel-willed, Eagles passionate. Blazing Soulless fire". That progressive patriotism should we waged in facing the challenges and problems of development today, " said Khofifah.

    "The challenges and problems we face today is severe. It would however, we should never give up to hope. Heroes of Kusuma Bangsa teaches us the importance of the struggle, fortitude and hope. That anyone who wants to have a pearl has to be strong to hold your breath, and dare to plunge dive into the ocean profusely, "added him.

    Meanwhile, through the momentum of Heroes Day 10 November 2016 which is implemented through various activities, the Minister Khofifah pushes community to be able to take the meaning contained in it, by imitating the great values those are inherited, such as; god-fearing God Almighty, unyielding, honest and fair, believe his own abilities, and hard work to build prosperous Indonesia as the ideals of the Heroes of the Nation.

    With one determination and sincerity to work together to put our shoulders together and based on the meaning and values of integrity, work ethic and mutual, then Khofifah hopes the Indonesian people can overcome problems that hit and we can become a nation of "winner", capable to compete with other states and nations. This is in line with the theme of Heroes Day 2016, namely: "Bring Steps To State".

    In addition, through the Heroes Day commemoration in 2016, as the large nation, they must appreciate the services of the their hero, Heroes Day Commemoration is also expected to stimulate nationality, foster values of Heroism, and enhance their love to our country in the frame of Unitary Republic of Indonesia.

    "On this auspicious occasion, we invite all layers of community to continue to fight, work, work becomes a hero for himself, the hero for the environment, the hero for the community, as well as hero for this country, "lid.

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