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    Vice Governor of West Java Becomes Inspector of Heroes Day Ceremony


    BANDUNG-Remembering the services of the independence heroes, West Java Provincial Government held a ceremony commemorating the Heroes Day, 10 November 2016, which took place at Gedung Sate yard Bandung on Thursday (10/11).

    Vice Governor of West Java acted as inspector of the ceremony and simultaneously reading the speech of the Minister of Social Affairs, Khofifah Indar Parawansa.

    Minister of Social Affairs, Khofifah in her written speech argues, the spirit of heroism must be a momentum to overcome all the nation's problems. Through Heroes' Day on Nov. 10, Khofifah invites all Indonesian people become heroes for this nation.

    The way to contribute positively in the form of real work as small in accordance with ability, task areas and their respective professions. Any position, whether civilian or military, official or non-official, regular people or leader. Commemoration of Heroes Day 2016 took theme "Unite Steps to the State".

    "Come to be a Hero for family, environment, and the people of Indonesia. Positive contribution no matter how small is very useful for the progress of the nation and this country, "said Minister of Social Affairs.

    According to the Minister, the context of the fight is now no longer take up arms against the invaders. But the battle to overcome a variety of nation problems, such as poverty, unemployment, abandonment, social disability, disaster victims, and various other social problems. The spirit and values of heroism must be implemented and utilized to that matter.

    She explained, the history of Indonesia and its nation noted that struggle for national independence and established the Republic of Indonesia need a unity ties and strong unity. The unitary Republic of Indonesia, she said, will not be able to stand became an independent sovereign and honorable as it is today, without fighters, founding fathers and the heroes who have given their lives, body mind as well as his property.

    Heroes Day commemoration ceremony, preceded by raising red and white flag by West Java Province Heritage Flag Raiser Troops, reading the text of Pancasila and Opening 1945 Constitution, a moment of silence, reading messages of the freedom fighters. The ceremony ended by reading written speech of Social Affairs Minister by inspector of the ceremony.

    Attending on the occasion of the ceremony, from the military and police elements, elements of civil state apparatus (ASN), youth organizations and high school students Bandung City.

    After the flag ceremony, the participants of the ceremony attend a pilgrimage to Cikutra hero cemetery who led by Commander III / Siliwangi, Herindra. After the ceremony continued sow flowers at the tomb of the heroes and freedom fighters. Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar accompanied by Pangdam is sowing flowers on the graves, former Governor / Commander III / Siliwangi, Yogie S Memet.

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