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    Beware, extortion in West Java will be Kena OTT


    BANDUNG-West Java Provincial Government seriously bulldoze charges (pungli) practice at the point of public service in the bureaucracy. Secretary Regions of West Java Iwa Karniwa said the formation of Clean Sweep Illegal Payments (Saber extortion) Team at the central level directly actionable by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan by issuing Decree of the Governor 700 / Kep-1089-Inspt 2016 on Task Force Saber of extortion in the West Java Province. "We support what is already directed by Mr. President and Menkopolhukam, "he said after Saber levies Meetings in West Java level in Bandung West Java, Wednesday (9/11).

    After the formation of the Task Force Saber levies West Java level together with Police Chief and Kajati held first coordination meeting to launch plan of technical discussion. Iwa explained Saber levies Governor Regulation in West Java level give six important functions.

    First, build a system of extortion eradication, the second is doing collectin and information from related parties using information technology. The third is to coordinate, plan and execute eradication of extortion operations.

    "Fourth is to conduct fishing hand operations (OTT) based on the results of intelligence operations, "he said.

    Fifth, the results of this OTT team will provide recommendations to the leadership to give sanction to perpetrators of extortion according to applicable regulations. And the last, a team that mostly contain the local police and the High Court of West Java will monitor and evaluate the eradication of extortion in West Java.

    Iwa explained that Task Force which is led by West Java Police Irwasda already has quick plan where is to expect from operation held can provide comfort in the investment climate to reduce the number of unemployment. "Based on the intelligence operations there are several vulnerability points that could disrupt service to the community. the point being discussed technically, "he said.

    He also cautioned that there is no civil servants in West Java provincial government collects exertion considering team functions is able to do OTT. (Even)

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