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    Economic Development Through Tourism Sector Needs to be Improved


    BANDUNG-Economic development through the tourism sector needs to be more enhanced by the local government. During this time, Fikri assess, local governments have no concept of innovation to develop the tourism world in the region.

    Therefore, governments need to identify and optimize travel destinations so the impact on welfare. That matter, expressed by the Vice Chairman of the commission X Fikri Faqih, in a press release received by jabarprov.go.id, Wednesday (9/11).

    According to Fikri, "The tourism world is difficult to develop due to the lack of innovation in the development of public welfare concept through tourism. There is an area that has tremendous tourism potential, but leaders still do not have a clear concept of innovation ".

    With the lack of clarity about this concept for developing society, it will be followed by other issues. Abundant rich Natural Resources and culture will not be a useful and interesting Travel Destinations to visit when its leaders had no concept.

    "Mastery and maturity concept is a must for leaders to take a decision. For example, in Brebes from the sea until the mountain have potential, but the Human Development Index (HDI) is still low, "he concluded.

    Other than through a clear concept, other things can be a support in developing tourism, says Fikri which is through Competence and Coordination. Competence includes the ability of stakeholders to manage, while coordination means includes capabilities of local leaders to create synergy, between people, private, and government. (NR)

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