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    Teacher Organization is Expected to Propose Opinions for Education Grand Design


    BANDUNG-Vice Chairman of the commission X House of Representative Fikri Faqih, in a release received by jabarprov.go.id, Wednesday (9/11) said that the organization of teachers are required to propose opinions to the government regarding general management (Grand design) of the National Education.

    Because, today the government is like having difficulty in formulating the right model for education in the country. This was evidenced by inconsistency alternated curriculum with minister shifts.

    It shows the Government of Indonesia has not Sustainable Education Concepts.

    "The proposal, will be submitted to the Ministry of Education and Culture, "he said.

    According to Fikri, the role of education practitioners in this case is the teacher is very important to be formulated and submitted to the government. so that Grand design of education is not only limited to discourse recorded in the curriculum, but it could be applied by the organizers of education and teachers.

    The concept of education in Indonesia should be adjusted to the destination country. Thus, education is not just a solution for developing welfare but also help to inculcate noble values Indonesian nation.

    "Pointless teachers convey the formulation of education which is later the educational concept that can be applied. Not merely administrative, but also from the heart, "he concluded. (NR)

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