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    Denpom III / 5 and BKC Held Karate Championship


    BANDUNG-In fostering the potential of Karate athletes in Bandung and surrounding Dandenpom III / 5 with Bandung Karate Club (BKC) committee held Karate Championship in Bandung Region Level on 5th-6th November 2016 at Gedung Tri Lomba Juang GOR Padjadjaran Bandung.

    Karate Championship opened by Dandenpom III / 5 Bandung Lt. Colonel cpm Didier Sofyannadin form as the Bandung Karate Club (BKC) founder as well as members of the Assembly Black Belt Honorary DAN III BKC, in the activity was attended by the Chairman of the Board of BKC Master Kang Iwa Rahardian Arsanata, PB BKC Chairman Agus Santoso and Coaches and Managers of BKC.

    Objective of the karate championship is to improve the quality on engineering skills and develop a sense of sportsmanship in games as well as a sporting achievement that contain values of struggle, honor, discipline, responsibility, teamwork, sportsmanship and believes in the power itself either in the scope of the sports community as well as on the scope of general sports.

    The struggle values, according Dandenpom III / 5 Bandung is hoping with this championship can become a place of meeting and gathering of karate athletes in Bandung and surrounding areas in order to build achievement that could improve the solidity, solidarity and pride for the nation.

    "It is expected the athletes to always prioritize sportsmanship, which the purity of an achievement, especially Karate sporting achievements. As the philosophy of karate must be demonstrated through discipline, honest, confident, healthy and strong because a true karateka has a soul and mental as knights.

    Karate championship was attended by 409 participants from 26 Dojo in Bandung, As for the winner of this championship-winning Champion (Achievement) is Dojo UIN 24 Bandung as the first winner, then a second championship achieved by Dojo Arcamanik Bandung and champion three achieved by Dojo SMP 31 Bandung, while the championship for (Beginner) won first prize achieved by Dojo SD 58 Penjagalan, second prize Dojo ARcamanik and third Dojo UIN 24. (Pun)

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