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    West Java Wants to Become Sharia Economics Axis in Indonesia


    BANDUNG-Chief of Representative Bank Indonesia in West Java province Rosmaya Hadi reiterated the desire of West Java becoming sharia economic axis in Indonesia. It was raised by Rosmaya Hadi in a public lecture at the Faculty of  Sharia Law UIN Sunan Gunung Jati Bandung, Tuesday (8/11).

    "If you look at the potential in West Java could be the axis of sharia economics in Indonesia, both of infrastructure and human resources "she said in front of hundreds of UIN students.

    Sharia economic development in Indonesia is currently experiencing slowdown overall, but West Java itself still at the level of secured growth.

    "Economic growth in West Java currently exists at the level of 5.87 percent, which is meaning they showed a good development "said Rosmaya Hadi.

    In a public lecture at the UIN, Rosmaya Hadi also requested that the student of UIN particularly Shariah Law Faculty prepared as superior HR, because the challenge ahead will be heavier. (Even)

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