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    Improve Services, State Civil Apparatus Keep Fitness Through West Java Porpemda XII


    BEKASI-Local Government Sports Week (Porpemda) XII of West Java in 2016 was officially opened by the Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar at Patriot Stadium Candrabhaga Bekasi City, Monday (11/07/2016) night.

    The Games of the State Civil Apparatus (ASN) was attended by hundreds of athletes from 28 local governments in West Java which is the provincial government and 27 Districts and Cities in West Java. Thirteen Branch Sports to be competed the entire match venue is located in Bekasi from 7 to 10 November 2016.

    Vice governor Deddy Mizwar revealed sporting events should continue to be held up afte West Java PON XIX now we have many of the best match venues scattered throughout the district and city.

    "After PON there are many venues, if it is not used optimally, it is huge mistake and wasteful. Society and the ASN must use this venue well," said Vice Governor.

    Including the Patriot Stadium with a capacity of 40,000 spectators will be favored to be sports venue of Football match in Asian Games 2018 event where West Java will be co-host with Jakarta and Palembang.

    Porpemda said Vice Govenor, has a strategic role as part of the sporting achievements coaching among members of KORPRI which is starting with Porpemkab, Porpemkot, Porpemprov, Porpemda to ASEAN Civil Service Games (ACSG) which for the first time held in Malaysia last year.

    "In the match between ASN at the ASEAN last year we are the second champions, hopefully next year we can win the first champion," he said.

    He hopes, through this Porpemda besides to improve performance, the relationship between ASN is also maintained. In addition, with excellent fitness of the ASN, the service to the community is also expected to be better because a third of their time per day is used for official affairs and little time for exercise.

    "Make this also as a moment for ASN to exercise the physical fitness in order to have influencial prime on public services better," he hoped.

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