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    Aher Reveals His Empathy About Paris Tragedy


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Herywan (Aher), expressed his empathy on the tragic events of brutal bombings and shootings in Paris, France. The tragedy that killed approximately 100 people took place in several locations, such as Bataclan Concert Hall, and around the Stade de France on Friday (13/11/15).

    "I am personally and on behalf of the provincial government, expressed concern and condolences over terror incident that had just happend in France. As part of the citizens of the world, we reject and denounce all forms of violence and violation of humanity,” said Aher.

    Aher hoped that similar incidents will not occur in Indonesia, especially in West Java. Because according to him, there is no religion teachings justify the practice of violence, especially savage terror.

    "In the name of humanity we are also grieving for the tragedy in Paris some time ago. May these situations will not occur anywhere else, especially in West Java. Because there’s no single philosophy of life, or religion that justifies the barbaric and tyranny actions like that,” said Aher.

    This is not the first terror attacks happened in Paris. Terror attacks had also ever occurred in the offices of Charlie Hebdo magazine, and a convenience store which killed about 17 people.

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