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    Aher : Terms of Food Sovereignty are Availability and Affordability


    BANDUNG-At the World Food Day, Institute for National Security Affairs held a national seminar, themed "Road Map Achieve Indonesian Food Sovereignty", in collaboration with the University of Sahid Jakarta, in Dwiwarna Purwa Building, Medan Merdeka Selatan Street 10, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (13/10).

    At the seminar, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan as a speaker talked about the strategy of the development of food production in West Java province in order to support a policy of food sovereignty. In the discussion, the Governor said that food sovereignty needed an adequate food availability and affordability by the community. It’s in releases received by jabarprov.go.id of the Secretariat of Public Relations, Tuesday (13/10).

    "The size of protein in people's consumption of 2200 calories, but in West Java has reached 2700. The availability in West Java in a safe state. Noteworthy now, is affordability by the community. " bright Aher.

    According to him, food security is a farmers security. Assistance and guidance to the farmers is continue to run by provincial government by providing tractors, seeds granting assistance, and the development of rice varieties by the competent institutions and agencies.

    "If the harvest index is increased, food security will be stronger. Hopefully the index of welfare of farmers will increase,” he added.

    Moreover, with the farmer prosperous, it would provoke the interest of other communities to actively farmed. The sovereign farmers will quickly achieve the food sovereignty.

    Food is multifunctional, it can fullfill  the biological needs (eating), economical, and political (policy). Sovereignty is the result of a series of efforts to strengthen the reinforcement then created the food sovereignty.

    "Food should be increased well. Food was the effect of healthy, intelligent, productive, and competitive. So we are guided in West Java so that no village / community faces food insecurity,” he said.

    "For affordability, the government routinely provide Rastra (prosperous rice) to the people who need. If there is rice that is not feasible, can be reported within 1x24 hours,” Aher added.

    The other speakers, Head of Food Security Agency, Gardjita Budi said that the diversification of food consumption is to support food sovereignty. 

    The strategies are internalize diversification of food by advocacy, campaigning and dissemination of a variety of foods. Then developing the business and local food industry, and build a multi-channel system of internalization, such as synergic cooperation between institutions or agencies.

    Gardjita Budi said, "Education of variety food consumption, nutritionally balanced and safe can be disseminated through formal education and non-formal. In business development, government can facilitate UMKM for business development fresh food and industrial raw materials. 

    Then the existing institutions can support it with cross-sector cooperation between central and local to a functional relationship”.

    The seminar aimed to bring the public clarity about the Road Map for the implementation of national food sovereignty, which has been planned by the government. 

    As stated in the Policy Food Act No. 18 of 2012 on Food, that the implementation of the food is done to satisfy basic human needs which provide benefits based on food sovereignty and national food security.

    This seminar was also attended by Governor of Lemhanas RI Budi Susilo Soepandji, Vice Chancellor of the University Sahid Bernard Hasibuan, Minister of National Development Planning (PPN), Head of Bappenas Indonesia, the Minister of Agriculture, Head of the Food Security Agency, the Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Minister of Industry, Public Service Director of Bulog, the Minister of Trade, the House of Representatives Commission IV, Vice Governor of Defense Affairs, Students of Sahid University, and others participants.

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