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    West Java is More Calculated in the International World


    BANDUNG-Government of West Java Province became one of the Indonesia representatives together with the Provincial Government of Yogyakarta Special Region on 7th East Asia Local and Regional Governmet Congress and will present potential Geopark Ciletuh become a world tourist destination, on Monday and Tuesday (7-8 / 11). The congress will be attended by heads of regions (provinces) of East Asia, includes China, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, South Korea, Vietnam, and Japan with a total of 68 participants / provinces are scheduled to attend.
    Aher said, a matter of pride West Java can be representative of Indonesia which is invited in this congress, and also reinforce West Java position is increasingly reckon in the international arena, especially Asia. It was disclosed by Aher in Nara after attending Welcoming Reception 7th East Asia Local and Regional Governmet Congress on Sunday (6/11) local time.
    According to him, this opportunity should be best utilized for West Java progress and welfare of all. Because of the international association, he added, will make more extensive insight and more examples that we can adopt here.
    West Java Secretariat Head of the Bureau of Local Autonomy and Cooperation , Taufiq Budi Santoso said the congress will take place in Nara Prefecture of Japan. According to the plan, the congress will also be attended by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (Minister of Foreign Affairs Japan), the Foreign Relations Department of the respective provinces.
    Three themes will be discussed at the congress, said Taufiq, first, Community and Regional Development and will be moderated by Kenichi Goto (CEO of Prot Asia and Pacific Inc.,); Second, Agriculture and Regional Economic Development will be moderated by Kosuke Motani (Senior Chief Economist, Japan Research Institute).
    "Third, the Promotion of Measures against Declining Birthrate will be moderated by Shigeki Matsuda, Professor at the Faculty of Contemporary Sociology, "said Taufiq.

    In addition to the congress, there are two important bilateral meetings, the first involving the Governor of West Java with a bilateral meeting with the Governor of Nara Prefecture, Mr. Shogo Arai, on Sunday (6/11).

    "On Wednesday (9/11) The governor is scheduled to meet with the governor Shizuoka Prefecture of Japan, Mr. Heita Kawakatsu, to explore the development of sister province with Shizuoka Prefecture of Japan. This Meeting is facilitated by the Institute of Friendship Indonesia Hamamatsu (LPIH), " he said.

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