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    Tourists Support Tahura Which Now Free from Cafes


    BANDUNG-Community Forest Park visitor (Tahura) Ir. H. Juanda, both local and foreign support the independent of coffee shop after the demolition by the municipal police unit (Satpol PP) of West Java province on Thursday (10.20.16) ago.

    Travelers admitted welcomed, as well as feel more comfortable visiting, especially after the owner of four coffee shop disassemble their own cafe in the park area on Monday (31.10.16) ago.

    Anti, a resident of Sragen, Central Java, said she agreed with the closing of cafe even make a comfortable, but not its designation.

    "If annoying as the absorption of water or other rules, yes I agree this cafe building should be demolished. The function of the forest should be restored so that more fresh environment," she told to West Java PR teams, Sunday (06.11.16) afternoon.

    In observation, the cafe is surrounded by yellow and black sealing tape some of the contents have been destroyed. In front of the doors and windows are also still attached to post announcements of sealing. Even so, this does not disturb the flow of the travelers movement.

    Anti proceeding, she welcomed the sealing action which is accompanied by the efforts to beautify Tahura. As in the playground which is currently in a period of improvement, making it look more beautiful and comfortable.

    Meanwhile, Albert, a citizen of the United States, who visited natural tourist rides were added, it should keep the natural beauty of the forest conservation without changing functionality into production or other forest.

    "I am in Indonesia for long time and already several times coming here. I hope this urban forest is maintained and became the object of nature without damaging the ecosystem by the presence of buildings that change the function of this tour," he said.

    Therefore, he said, the appreciation is given to managers, in particular the Government of West Java Province to reform by sealing and finally dismantled the building by themselves.

    He did not deny if such cafes add to the appeal. However, if it is not appropriate with zoning and forward against nature, then it should be stopped and never built again in the future.

    "But I'm inside traders  (PKL, red) can also be laid out. So, the whole will be more comfortable," said the man who cruise along the colleagues.

    As previously communicated, the head municipal police of West Java Province Udjwalaprana Sigit and his team seal the four cafes that generally sells coffee on Thursday, October 20th ago. All four are Armor, Jungle Coffee House, Balcony Resto and Cafe, and Waroeng Pinus.

    Sealing is done gradually and orderly passing through legal procedures. Fourth manager of the cafe were given four months to seek legal standing of the establishment of four cafe buildings.

    In June, four cafes that will be demolished, but they against it. The Management pursue a lawsuit to the administrative court and decision came out on last September which West Java Province municipal police won by court.

    "After the decision, municipal police had sent a letter that the owners demolish the building by themselves. We are very humanist, giving them a chance," he concluded.

    West Java provincial government's attention to the area intense at recent times. Before sealing, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) also inaugurated Tebing Keraton who is still in the zone of Tahura on Monday, May 2, 2016 ago.

    After the inauguration, Aher plants trees and removes various kinds of birds, such as Glasses, Tikukur, Perenjal, Ciblek, and Starling Birds with the aim of preserving the ecosystem of birds that exist around this forest park.

    "Tebing Keraton became a place of world migrant raptor bird observation because this region often plagued by world birds when migrated passing between continents, usually occurs in September," said Aher.

    Tahura for the first time inaugurated on August 23, 1965 by the Governor of West Java at the time, Mashudi. And since 2000 until now managed by the Technical Implementation Unit (UPT) of West Java Provincial Forestry Service refers to Regional Regulation No. 5 of 2002 on the Amendment of the West Java Provincial Regulation No. 15 Year 2000 regarding the Regional Office of West Java Province.

    It is based on the Tahura locations across the regency and the city. Namely Bandung Regency (subdistrict Cimenyan), West Bandung Regency (subdistrict Lembang) and Bandung City (Subdistrict Coblong), so that according to Government Regulation No. 25 In 2000, the management authority is in West Java Provincial Government, in this case the Forestry Service of West Java Province.

    Located at an altitude of 770 meters above sea level to 1330 meters above sea level, above the fertile soil there are about 2,500 species of plants. In 1965, the park has only about 10 ha, but now reaches 590 ha area stretching from Pakar area to Maribaya.

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