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    Indonesia National Army Bus Transports Demonstrators Protest Return to Region


    BANDUNG-4 November demonstrations conducted by some Muslims in Jakarta yesterday is already over, but actually still exist behind the scene which may also need to know by the community.

    In addition to the presence of several clashes between demonstrators with apparatus, but in fact there is still a story of brotherhood which made us proud and showing our chests as Indonesia nation whose the philosophy of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, different but still one and indeed we are brothers.

    Like the story of Saturday morning (5/11) as we see a lot of demonstrators who have not returned to the places respectively and stay at various places in Jakarta, one of which is the Istiqlal Mosque.

    Istiqlal Mosque encountered many demonstrators who have not back and turns on when we want to ask, "why you do not come back? ", it turns out many of those who answered, missed the bus or the money has run out used during the demo yesterday.

    In the release of Pendam III / SLW, knowing the trouble, The TNI is not silent. 30 Buses of the TNI Headquarters and Army Headquarters wer deployed to transport the demonstrators to region including several area of Military Command III Siliwangi among others Bogor, Purwakarta, Cianjur, Karawang, Cilegon and Bandung and others region Purwokerto.

    Not only buses are deployed, including food is also prepared by the military during the trip, as said one of the demonstrators who did not want to be named.

    "TNI is the best, last night I was confused must go home using what vehicle because when I was back to the bus carrying me to Istiqlal from Purwakarta, already gone, I do not want begging, I have to remain polite as Muslim people. Alhamdulillah Allah sends aid through Gentlemen of Soldiers who are prepared buses to transport me and my friends."

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