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    Need Collaboration Between Government and Entrepreneur


    BANDUNG-Bandung office of SME Cooperative and Industry Trade (Diskoperindag) expect with the existence of collaboration between the Government and entrepreneur can provide community spirit in entrepreneurship.

    Bandung Head of SME Cooperative and Industry Trade, Eric Mohamad Atthauriq says, with the synergy of collaboration between the two sides believed it will be able to face free market.

    "This is a form of collaboration synergi between entepreneur, government and society spirit in entrepreneurship must be done, "he said.

    Because according to Aric, if this effort is only done by the government it will be difficult, and this will be helped by the private sector through programs of entrepreneurship.

    "The base for facing the free market is to enhance the competitiveness of the community, not just be consumers but also should be the manufacturer and if only a government whose role is very limited, "he said. (Parno)

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