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    Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Shares 48.8 Tons of Fish in West Java


    BANDUNG-Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF) with Marine and Fisheries Agency of West Java Province share as much as 48.8 tons of frozen fish products to community in Pusdai, Diponegoro Street No. 63, Bandung, Friday (11.04.16). The distribution of fish is a form of government's commitment to increase the fish consumption.

    The fish were distributed on the occasion is a frozen fish product Pacific Mackerel types. A total of 48.8 tonnes or two from eleven containers of these fish are confiscated the Directorate General of Customs and Excise through Tanjung Priok Customs which is scheduled to be smuggled to various countries. In cooperation with the Agency of Fish Quarantine, Quality Control, and Safety Results Fisheries (BKIPM), confiscated is used by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries in order to improve people's nutrition to support Gemarikan program in West Java.

    This assistance was presented by the Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar together with the Head of BKIPM Rina, and Director General Strengthening the Competitiveness of Marine Products and Fisheries (PDSPKP) Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries RI Nilanto Prabowo.

    Vice Governor Mizwar Deddy said he is now continuing to encourage the consumption of animal protein through the consumption of fish. According to Deddy, protein contained in fish better than beef, so that eating fish is important for nation's youth growth. Deddy also associates it with Demographic Bonus that will be achieved by Indonesia on years 2020 - 2035 which 64% of Indonesia's population in productive aged (15-30 years).

    "We will try to continue. Fish consumption is still low and need to be increased again. This issue I associate it with Demographics Bonus which is very important. Do not let us lost generation just because of shortage of animal protein, "said Vice Governor after the event.

    "So let us eat fish. After that, catch up eat mutton, because goat meat is also good better than beef. And it is wrong that mutton causing high blood pressure, "he added.

    Head of BKIPM Rina said that the fish were distributed for West Java GEMARIKAN program has previously been ensured the quality and health by Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries in this case BKIPM as the competent authority.

    "BKIPM has checked the health and the quality of fish. The results of a survey on the quality of the fish Mackerel types is claimed that the fish are healthy and safe for consumption, "said Rina in ceremony of fish aid.

    Meanwhile, Director General of PDSPKP Nilanto Prabowo explained that the program aims to accelerate GEMARIKAN increased the consumption of fish for communities and in implementation involves all elements of the nation.

    "GEMARIKAN program is in line with Presidential Instruction Number Seven / 2016 on the Acceleration of Development National Fishing Industry, which commissioned the Minister Maritime Affairs and Fisheries to increase national fish consumption, so it needs the support of the ministries and agencies related as well as other elements of society, "said Nilanto in this event.

    A total of 24 tons of fish which is shared, administering through  Marine and Fisheries Agency and the Department of Social West Java, West Java UPTD of Social Department, Foundation / Orphanage of Rumah Zakat, the pesantren Al-Quran Al-Falah in Bandung Regency, Foundation of Darulfalah Cijati in Majalengka, Foundation of Bunda Amanah Orphanage in Buah Batu Bandung, and Nurul Huda Boarding School Orphans in Ciumbuleuit City of Bandung. While the other 24 tons will be provided through West Java Badan Amil Zakat Nasional (Baznas), Basic Social Service Bureau Regional Secretary of West Java province, and West Java Pusdai.

    Through the distribution of these fish are expected to fish consumption in West Java could be increased from 25.88% in 2015 became 26.81% in 2016.

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