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    Aher Appreciates Ecovillager


    BANDUNG REGENCY-Operating in 190 villages, comprising of 175 villages in Citarum upperstream and 15 villages in Ciliwung upstream with nearly 4000 cadres. Ecovillage led by West Java BPLHD running nearly for three years.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan appreciates cadres and assess their performance effectively in inviting people to be environment cultured.

    Supported by 8,000 residents, this community have mutual cooperation in cleaning Citarum river from garbage and silting. It is done for the presence of the clean, green, and hygiens village.

    "Nice, they (ecovillager) agreed to process garbage with rubbish bank, we agreed not to throw garbage into the river, to a place that is not the place, they collect garbage from the community, they also encourage the community to dispose of waste carelessly, so they affirmed not to waste garbage, and they invited others together not to litter, not  to dispose waste into the river, "Reveal Aher in Sawala Ecovillage event and Citarum Bestari Movement in Soccer Field of Sulaiman Airbase Margahayu subdistrict Bandung Regency, Friday (11/04/2016).

    Aher assess the Citarum 'invisiblely' begins to look changes, the river is not too shabby, even in some point to look right - really clean without litter. It also can not be separated from the synergism of the ecovillager with local stakehokder such as the district, village, RW, down to the neighborhood level.

    "The river can be clean where there are is no one dispose anything to the river, if no household waste, effluent industrial, waste disposal, no livestock effluent, then our rivers would be cleaner, "said Aher.

    "The condition of Citarum in the context of garbage, no changes significant enough, when we form the ecovillage, forming Citarum Bestari program, we also since June cooperate with the TNI directly, and fore also we will make samsat, involved with local government, and also the local police are also involved, the prosecutor involved, then BBWS later, PTPN, Perhutani, BPN, are involved, so if there are issues resolved at the table with perspective, or with authorities task respectively, "he said.

    Aher said that solving the Citarum problem is long affair, or in other words the Citarum Bestari program is a sustainable program that can not be stopped at only one point. Although the problem of Citarum is long affair, but he will try to handled as quickly as possible.

    "We also embrace environmental leaders, environment practitioners, because Alhamdulillah in West Java, especially in Bandung regency already  has Ecovillager, friends who manage the village to become environment cultured village, "said Aher.

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