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    Aher Invites All Parties Succeed the Regional Elections


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) said that all parties, from the central government, local government, various agencies, and community, to be united in the success of the regional elections simultaneously. It was delivered on Coordination Meeting of FKPD (Regional Leadership Communication Forum) themed ‘Preparing the Regional Election Simultaneously in West Java', Wednesday (18/11),

    Aher also said one indicator of the success in the election is the absence of security threats. This coordination meeting were held as a early precaution.

    "We have already stressed as also the message of the President, that all parties must agreed, unite for the success of elections. And there must no security problems. If there is security problem, it would be anticipated as soon as possible,” said Aher.

    Aher also confirmed that civil servants (PNS) should be neutral. According to Aher, is an offence if the civil servants directly involved in a successful team of candidates.

    PNS is civilians who have rights to vote. They can use their voting rights. This prohibition is necessary in order to provide education to the public for a healthy democracy.

    "PNS is a civilian who had rights to vote. So it free to use their right to vote, while in the voting booth. But in the campaign process, they should not be alignments to one candidate,” he said.

    Regarding to money politics are rife ahead of the elections, Aher looked at it from two sides. There are certainly a couple of candidates who do that, but on the other side, many people who take an advantage of such this momentum to reap benefits.

    There has been no legislation specifically addressing this political money. despite the political ethics is not allowed, and uneducated the public.

    “The laws must be completed, whether it’s criminal or not. When the political money and other violations occurred massively, systematic and structured, it will be considered when there is a dispute brought to the Constitutional Court (MK),” Aher explained.


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