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    Block Eleven sites, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology Do not Muddy the Atmosphere


    BANDUNG-Member of Representatives Commission I Sukamta urges Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (Communications) do not disturb the atmosphere of its actions by blocking eleven sites that allegedly charged of harassment against the Tribe, Religion, Race, and intergroup (SARA).

    Supposedly, firmly Sukamta, the government learned from the incident of blocking 19 sites considered radicalism which occurred last year.

    "Over the growing info, I ask that Government should not rashly, "said Sukamta in a release received jabarprov.go.id, Friday (4/11).

    It is known, said Sukamta Government through the Communications and Information Technology Ministry Thursday (3/11) yesterday, re-ordered Internet Service Provider (ISP) organizers to block 11 websites which is considered charged SARA. Eleventh sites are lemahirengmedia.com, portalpiyungan.com, suara-islam.com, smstauhiid.com, beritaislam24h.com, bersatupos.com, pos-metro.com, jurnalmuslim.com, media-nkri.net, lontaranews.com, and nusanews.com.

    Sukamta added that there are two things to pay attention by the government before doing the blocking. First, government functions not only as a regulator but also as management and supervision.

    "The function of management has not done well. I already proposed the existence of panel team, invite MUI and CSOs mass Religious to help provide feedback. Report part of community on a site, do not directly responded unilateral. After doing cross-checking sites reportedly does contain material that leads to SARA harassment, give advance warning, do approach to coach. I also disagree with the content of SARA, but the actions taken by the government should done wisely in order not to be considered limiting the democracy, "he added.

    Second, the statement of the Communications and Information Technology official on requesting to block eleven sites which is done in less precise situation. Statement for blocking which is adjacent to momentum 4 November 2016 can heat the atmosphere and encourages the racial issues, this is very dangerous.

    "I've got dozens of reports broadcast on blocking of 11 websites have circulated rapidly through social media networks. It can be muddy. Do not such issues are even counter-productive to steps taken by the President in doing hospitality by inviting MUI and the leadership of Islamic organizations, "said Sukamta terminate a statement. (NR)

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