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    Civil Servant Status is Not 'Safe Zone'


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) inaugurated and took the oath as many as 526 candidates Regional Civil Servants (CPNSD) into Regional Civil Servants (PNSD) which will be commissioned in the scope of the West Java Provincial Government, on Friday (04/11).

    Civil servants who are sworn those who have fulfilled condition through medical tests, test basic training, and debriefing mental, moral, students, and ready to.

    In line with the legal basis of Law No. 5 of 2014 on civilian state apparatus, and Government Regulation No. 21 Year 1975 on civil servants vows, the purpose of this inauguration is to show identity of a civil servant who is ready for duty and ready placed anywhere according to education level and expertise owned by themselves.

    West Java Governor revealed inauguration and take oath can be a means of motivation for civil servants appointed to improve its performance, in order to carry out their duties with a clean, honest, skilled and be aware of their responsibility as a human being government apparatus, civil servants, and public servant.

    So it became one of the steps to form government officers who became qualified Human Resources (HR).

    "I emphasize that the civil servants have come from general applicants, as well as most were from honorary work which working for long enough, then lifted gradually. But this time of course they have the quality, because it is not honorarium solely, but also there is a test first, "said Governor Aher.

    "I was commanding that when appointed to be civil servants it is not means entering the safe zone, and then when become honorary they are 'Diligent'to work but when become civil servants, they are lazy to work. Precisely this momentum to deliver public services better to the people, who yesterday still Honoree now become civil servants have more 'diligent', he said.

    Aher also appealed to the apparatus that's not chatter in performing their duties, as do levies, corruption, or anything that is detrimental state organizations.

    Aher then embed on the civil servants to work for state interests, not personal interests, especially to enrich themselves.

    "Once again I emphasize work for state interest, nation, and then to the public. Then I emphasize also that when there are such things as state secret should be kept confidential. Then the most important is working with honest, truthful, and honest, "he says.

    Aher revealed during the performance of civil servants of West Java well, has formed the good image of West Java Province, so this time with the presence of new civil servants, will make the image of West Java increasingly better, government runs well, and able to serve public with the best.

    As for when there is an empty time on the sidelines of his duties, Aher also called on civil servants to use that time well. Such as reading a book, or helpful thing more.

    "If there are better free time reading books, better the book is according to the areas of work. So free time do not just for coffee, "he said.

    Moreover, Aher does not want any civil servants smoke in the work environment.

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