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    Vice Governor Asks Islamic Women to role Actively In the Regional and National Development


    BANDUNG-Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar accompanied by Secretary General of RI Ministry of Religious Affairs Nur Syam officially opened Islamic Women XI Congress (WI) in Gedung Merdeka, Asia African Street Bandung, Friday (11/04/2016). In Congress it filled with seminars and national workshops attended by muktamirin from 34 provinces in Indonesia.

    Islamic Women XI Congress took Theme: "Towards Leadership of Istiqomah and Professional Muslimah". According to the Vice Governor the theme is in line with the current conditions in which women need to contribute in nation in nation building and people in all fields.

    "I think it is very relevant to address the various issues of nation in the contemporary era, especially in the field of education, health, economic, social, cultural, and environmental life, which incidentally requires active and visible role of Islamic women as part of regional and national development stakeholders, "said Vice Governor in speech.

    Furthermore, Vice Governor also explained that it needs to be supported by the readiness of the Human Resources (HR), and the carrying capacity and environmental capacity. "That is why, investments in education and health, both of which organized by the Government, Local Government, and Society, need to be increased as a key factor in developing competitiveness human resource , " Further Vice Governor.

    Meanwhile, the carrying capacity and environmental capacity is closely relate with environmental sustainability. Vice Governor said that a sustainable environment will realize if it is applied also to sustainable development (Sustainable development) as a whole, ranging from the upstream to downstream. Because in addition to a role for ensuring the availability of sustainable natural resources, development based on environment as well as it is important to reduce the potential for disaster, so the agenda of general development runs smoothly and impacts positively to the welfare of society.

    In line with the Vice Governor, Minister of Religious Affairs Lukman Hakim Saefudin in his speech read by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Religious Affairs Nur Syam said that Islamic Women is organization that have outstanding power of propaganda and as a community asset that should be preserved and developed, so as to contribute to the moral development and spiritual nation.

    "Islamic Women are expected to improve the personal quality in various fields in accordance with the dignity, women duty as educators children of the nation, actively participate in society as a member of society, "said the Minister.

    In addition, the Minister also stressed that the Islamic Women should be able to improve personal quality and become a part of the Islamic movement and the nation, and also able to make Muslimah leaders that were professional and able to complete the nation's problems that exist in society.

    To that end, Islamic Women requested in order to improve coordination between the leaders of regions throughout Indonesia, and could establish cooperation with other Islamic community organizations such as the Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI).

    Islamic Women XI congress was attended by about 800 people over throughout Indonesia were held from November 3 to 7 2016 in Bandung. A main goal of this Congress is to align and strengthen the step of Women's Islamic movement for the next five years and beyond in realizing prosperous and equitable Indonesia.

    In addition, this strategic forum for the selection and accountability of Chairman of Central Board Period 2011-2016, a forum for communication between the Central Board, Regional, Branch and Agency or Autonomous Institutions, as well as preparing the Organization Work Programme for the period 2016-2021.

    Islamic women themselves this year already 54 years old. Islamic Women established on April 29, 1962 in Yogyakarta and has 273 organizations network in the regency / city and 1,300 subdistricts throughout Indonesia.

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