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    West Java Provincial Government Gains Four National e-Procurement Award


    BANDUNG-West Java Provincial Government gained four awards National e-Procurement Award or best nationally, in Rakernas Procurement Policy Institutions (LKPP) 2016 in Balai Kartini, Jakarta, Thursday (03/11/2016).

    Four awards consisted of two individual awards to West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan / Aher as Regional Head Leadership in Transforming Procurement of Goods / Services Electronic and Head of the Procurement Service Goods / Services Electronic (LPSE) Ika Mardiah as LPSE fighters which consistent from early Presence of LPSE in Indonesia. Two institutional appreciation to the West Java Province Provincial Government and the Role of LPSE and LPSE Innovation set aside a total of 637 LPSE in Indonesia.

    Thus, if accumulated over a period of years 2010-2016, a total of 16 award in E-Procurement Award gained by West Java Province with four of them achieved by personal West Java Governor in the last four years consecutive.

    The award was presented by Minister of National Development Planning/ Head of Bappenas, Bambang Brojonegero accompanied by Minister of Public Works and Public Housing Basuki Hadimuljono and LKPP Head Agus Prabowo to the Governor of West Java Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) that afternoon was suddenly was unable to attend and was represented West Java Head of Information and Communications Anton Gustoni. National e-Procurement Award is given in front of about 1,400 LPSE activists and invited guests of the World Bank, ADB, ICW, and others.

    Governor Aher said the award re-affirms the commitment and goodwill West Java Provincial Government, consistently and sustainable in creating a clean government.

    "All local governments in Indonesia can do the same thing, I believe in leadership and goodwill of the regions leaders throughout Indonesia at present is getting better. On this achievement (National e-Procurement Award - Red), may West Java always be an inspiration to other regions, "he said in Sukabumi, Thursday (03/11/2016).

    According to Aher, form the consistent leadership evidenced by the policy and its support to LPSE both from the institutional aspects, personnel, and budget.

    Policies set forth, among others, and Organizational Structure and Working Procedure of UPTD Balai LPSE are set in the Governor Regulation (Governor Regulation) No. 113 of 2009, Basic Tasks and Function of Balai LPSE set Governor Regulation No. 55/2010, and Implementation of LPSE set Governor Regulation No 60/2013.

    West Java provincial government also provide adequate budgetary support for LPSE operations, improve facilities and LPSE infrastructure, provide freedom to innovate in regulations corridor, and support the dissemination of use SPSE on various occasions.

    "Since becoming a national pilot project in 2008, we reinforced LPSE West Java province as the structural work unit since 2010 in the form of Technical Implementation Unit in the Information and Communications Agency of West Java province, " he said.

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