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    Aher Urges West Java residents to Apply Rules When Conduct Demo Tomorrow


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) appealed to the citizens of West Java which will follow Muslim rally demonstration in Jakarta tomorrow in order to apply the rules and not to perfom anarchistic action. According to him, any citizen may use the constitutional right yet at the same also obligate to maintain order and not contrary with law.

    "Of course it is the constitutional right of citizens just when someone is using his rights must also implement obligation namely to maintain order, peace and do things that are contrary to applicable law so the rights were taken obligations also implemented, I think that is my appeal, "said Aher after the nationalities muster in Gasibu Bandung, Wednesday (03/11/2016).

    In the nationalities muster attended by Board of police, military, municipal police and Community Organizaton in Bandung Aher hopes, can be used as a platform to strengthen the unity of identity the real people of West Java at a time supporting efforts to revitalize the culture, ethos and character of West Java community better.

    "At this moment I invite all components of West Java community let's strengthen our determination and commitment to get rid of all personal and group differences, ignore the personal ego and group for building unity and peace, "he said.

    At the same place West Java Police Chief Inspector General of Police. Bambang Waskito said he would escort the trip up to Jakarta when there are West Java people who will participate demonstration, but must make a report first.

    "We will escort if necessary until the location we will serve but first do report to us, "said Bambang.

    He believes the overall conditions in West Java will run securely. He also will deploy his ranks in certain points.

    "Actually, the demo is in Jakarta but security remains will be increased, if the number of personnel, we will be adjusted. As said the West Java governor this is relatively safe, "he concluded.

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