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    Demiz Grateful West Java Residents Can Bring Themselves Overseas


    CENTRAL MOLUCCAS-Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar (Demiz) feels grateful that citizens of West Java who wander can live in harmony and adapt to the local culture. so we have less news that citizens of West Java involves in conflict with the origin in place of overseas.

    This is expressed when do hospitality with West Java citizens living in Masohi, Central Maluku and shelter in Forum Komunikasi Masyarakat Tatar Sunda Pangumbaraan (PASUNDAN) in Central Maluku, on Wednesday (11.03.16) afternoon.

    "In addition to being achievement, where West Java residents are expected have a good impression for the local community, " he said.

    Vice Governor said the existence of West Java citizens overseas should have also economic value, it means that can create jobs for local people with entrepreneurship. "I think that is also nice that in this colony, Pasundan Community Forum also initiated a cooperative for its members, "said Vice Governor.

    Chairman of Pasundan Community Forum in Maluku Province Ajat Sudrajat said the main aims of Pasundan Community Forum is to keep the string of friendship among members of the association and also surrounding environment. Ajat then exposed some program that has done not only for members of community but also for the local community. Like, Mass circumcision for the children of converts, social services, provision of Al-Quran and carpets mosques as places of worship, coaching for converting, slaughter of sacrificial animals, and some religious programs in this case Islam.

    "Unfortunately, until now we do not have secretariat, we call the attention of the provincial government in order to help us to realize our ideals, "he said.

    Ajat also convey the aspirations of the association members to have the Sundanese traditional art tools, which then greeted well and promised to be followed up by Vice Governor.

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