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    Students of Andir Elementary Public School, School in Evacuation


    BANDUNG REGENCY-Hundreds of students of Andir Elementary Public School District of Baleendah Bandung regency forced to learn in the evacuation. They learned in the camp because their schools were flooded. They learn on the terrace one of Sanggar Kegiatan Bersama building (SKB) which some also used a place to stay while displaced by the floods.

    "I emphasize to the children and teachers, no days off schools although the school flooded, and thank God children and teachers keep the spirit "said Ade Supriyadi, Principal of SDN 1 Andir, Thursday (3/11).

    According to Ade, all students from grade 1 to grade 6 forced to learn without the bench and only held floor mats pickup.

    "If there is going to help just mats or pads are feasible for them to learn. We also do not know until when to learn at this place "said Ade.

    In addition Ade expects the government soon makes the step of flood management because every time it rains the school certainly flooded.

    "I do not know whether it is relocated or school building elevated up to the government, the important thing is the handle so that school activities are not hampered "he hoped. (Even)

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