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    Ciletuh Could Be the World Geopark


    BANDUNG - Head of Geopark Development Team Leader Indonesia, Yunus Kusumabrata stated that Ciletuh area has good natural resources with biodiversity, geology diversity and cultural diversity in 15 villages.

    According to Yunus, with the completeness of various diversity, Ciletuh which located in Cimarinjung, Ciwaru Village, District Ciemas, Sukabumi, can become the national geopark and even in the world.

    "West Java already has one area with tremendous potential, both in terms of natural geology and nature of biodiversity and also completeness cultural in Ciletuh," he said.

    Yunus said that viewed from the completeness of Ciletuh, is possible that Ciletuh could become the Geopark with international level.

    "Until now, Indonesia has only 2 areas as Geopark with internaional level, namely Geopark Batur and Global Geopark UNESCO. Ciletuh has potential for reaching the national level and even of UNESCO's global network," he said.

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