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    Anna Sophanah Admires Photographers Snapshot


    INDRAMAYU-Implementation of Tjimanoek Festival 2016 although has ended but continued leaving incredible memories for the Indramayu people. Especially for the number one in the Indramayu that is Regent of Indramayu Hj. Anna Sophanah were very impressed with the shots of photographer at the event.

    As is known, at the top of the Tjimanoek Festival 2016 held Indramayu Culture Photography Competition. Took a lot the attention of photographers from various regions in Indonesia to come to Indramayu Regency. Even at the event could make a photographer from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Brunei Darussalam to come and mingle with the people and enjoy the natural beauty and culture of Indramayu.

    From the race, found the best photos with the title Cimanuk Carnival 2016 by Jeffry M. Hanafi from Yogyakarta and eligible for coaching budget Rp. 10,000,000.

    Indramayu Regent Hj. Anna Sophanah explains, Tjimanoek Festival as an annual event is expected to attract both domestic and foreign tourist. However, the presence of photographers from the outside area is a positive step to introduce the culture and Indramayu nature also through images media.

    "We appreciated much the presence of the photographers. The result is very gorgeous as targeted by the camera of the photographer. InshaAllah Tjimanoek Festival next year schedule can be more timely, we can publish abroad, "said Anna.

    Meanwhile, according to Turidi one of committee and also a member of the Indramayu Photographer Association  (AFI) said the agenda of Tjimanoek Festival began to attract tourists from outside Indramayu area. It is also interesting for photographer to know the beauty of Indramayu for photo hunting on Tjimanoek Festival.
    DENI SANJAYA / Regional Secretariat of Public Relations and Protocol Indramayu

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