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    RZ Build Houses for Flood Victims in Garut


    GARUT-Ten units of 36 type houses on Wednesday (2/11) began to build in Kampung Pananggungan Desa Lengkongjaya Subdistrict Karangpawitan Garut Regency.

    10 housing units that are part of the 100 houses that will be built in the same place for flood victims of Garut.

    Rumah Zakat Director, Nur Effendi said, the beginning stage RZ helps 10 housing units. "Yes for the initial phase we planned to donate 10 units at a cost per home 70 million rupiah. It will depend on the many contributions of society via Rumah Zakat, if it continues to grow, then the house built also increases "he said.

    Nur Effendi explained, Rumah Zakat only help in the provision of ready housing units while the selection for anyone who is eligible citizens were fully perfomed by Garut regency.

    "If the election for the citizens, the Garut regency to do so, since only the government knows what's has the right which is not right? "he said.

    Laying the first stone house was done by Vice Regent of Garut Helmi Budiman and Director of Rumah Zakat Nur Effendi.

    In addition to the groundbreaking, RZ also distributed super quban corned beef in cans to local residents. (Even)

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