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    RZ Builds Houses For Flood Victims


    GARUT-Rumah Zakat (RZ) in collaboration with the Government of Garut regency builds 10 homes specifically allocated for victims of flash floods in September 2016 ago. The location used to build houses is in Block Pananggungan Lengkong Jaya subdistrict Karangpawitan, within 3 km of disaster site.

    "The goal of this program is to provide decent housing habitable for residents who become victims of flash floods. Because, many residents whose homes were destroyed as a result of the disaster, so now they forced to flee with relatives, neighbors, and other relatives, "said CEO RZ Nur Efendi in laying the first stone activity house relocation of flood victims in Pananggungan Village Lengkong Jaya subdistrict Karangpawitan Garut, Wednesday (2/11).

    The process of construction of houses with an area of 36 m2 and land 60 m2 that is predicted to be completed by end of 2016. So the next year, the victims of flood disaster can occupy a special house stand on land owned by the Garut regency. "About 10 heads of family which will occupy 10 houses it is determined by the regency government. Because they know more anyone who is more entitled to receive this assistance, "said Nur Efendi.

    According to Nur Efendi, with this program, Garut regency expects a residential neighborhood in the area around the town can organized and maintained its balance, an increase public welfare, and increased productivity.
    "The good intentions of Garut regency is certainly to be supported because it is in line with the mission of empowering RZ that is Indonesian people, "he said. jo

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