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    Bandung Regency is Ready to Defend PORPEMDA Champion


    Bandung Regency-sport event inter-CSA (Civil Servants Apparatus) in West Java will be held in again Bekasi from 7 until 10 November 2016. In the West Java PORPEMDA event this time, Bandung regency which is supported by 124 athletes CSA is determined to defend champion title which was captured in 2015 ago in Sukabumi.

    When removing the contingent of West Java PORPEMDA 2016 in Tennis Field Bandung Regency govenment complex-Soreang, Wednesday (2/11) Regent Bandung H. Dadang M. Naser, SH., S.IP., M.IP hopes that overall champion title could be achieved again by Bandung Regency. "The target of overall champion is to be attached in each chest of athletes to spur in achievement of the best performance, "said H. Dadang M. Naser.

    To Bapor (Development of Sport Agency) KORPRI Bandung Regency, H. Dadang M. Naser asks to perform immediately CSA athletes regeneration. Considered the athletes which was deployed in West Java PORPEMDA this time, already entered age that is not young anymore. Regeneration of athlete he said could perform in Bandung PORPEMKABwhich is held every year.

    He warned in 2017,West Java PORPEMDA will be held in Bandung regency. To that end, he ordered Bapor KORPRI, Department of Youth, Sports and Tourism (Dispopar) and OPD (Regional Organization) to prepare everything in order to the implementation will be conducted smoothly.

    Chairman of Bandung regency contingent, H. Marlan, S.IP put the number of CSA athletes which deployed on PORPEMDA in Bekasi as many as 124 people comprising 84 men athletes and 40 women athletes plus the official 56 people and coach 24 people.

    From the 13 sports are contested, Bandung Regency H. Marlan will attend 10 sports, including badminton, volleyball, billiards, indoor soccer, golf, long tarompah, airy tennis, table tennis, chess and Obstacles. In West Java PORPEMDA 2015 ago, Bandung Regency is able to achieve the overall championship title by winning five gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze.

    As for 2016, it expects to achieve 6 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze. Gold medal, he hopes to achieved from the sports of chess (one gold), golf (2 gold), billiards (2 gold) and obstacles (1 gold). While the silver medal can be achieved from the sports of women badminton and 2 bronze from women's table tennis sports and long tarompah.

    In his quest to retain the overall championship title, CSA athletes from Bandung regency since three months ago has been perform a variety of exercises and try out to other regions. "Hopefully whe it is time to play, athletes can pull out all the ability to gain achievement, "he added.

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