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    Agus Prayogo is Unbeatable


    BANDUNG-Commander III / Siliwangi Major General M. Herindra smiled proudly as he watched his soldier Sergeant Agus Prayogo who managed to get the finish first in the race of 5000 M at the National Athletics Open TNI Commander Cup Championships in Pajajaran Athletic Field Bandung City, Tuesday (1/11).

    Sergeant Agus Prayogo was an athlete and a soldier of Military Command III / Siliwangi and also national runner Athletes from West Java who have recently donated gold for the contingent of West Java in PON XIX 2016 through athletics run.

    With great ambition to champion always he implanted in his chest, when athletics run Agus Prayogo tried to follow and tireless and place of execution, it is made to hone and maintain ability branched athletic run.

    After reaching the finish in run 5000 M, Agus Prayogo said dissatisfaction before won gold in the race of 10,000 M.

    Runners born in Magelang, Central Java admits nothing special in maintaining his body's condition to keep fit and ready for combat, the important things are routine exercises, spirit and always maintain health. (Even)

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