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    LPSE of West Java Most Obtains Award


    BANDUNG - Electronic Goods and Services Procurement System (LPSE) Communications and Informatics Boards West Java Province was recorded as the most awarded among of LPSE entire Indonesia.

    Within the last five years, 2010-2015, has received 12 national awards, and the last two years always obtain the best three awards.

    Ika Mardiah, Head of the LPSE West Java, said that this year, Government Procurement Regulatory Body (LKPP) as the provision highest institution gives three awards.

    "One for the Governor of West Java in leadership category in the transformation of electronic procurement. Two more to LPSE West Java Province in the role categories and LPSE innovation category," she said in Bandung on Tuesday (17/11).

    The third award was given on November 9th in Rakernas LPSE at Balai Sudirman, Jakarta. Governor awarded for making West Java became the first province to encourage the implementation of LPSE in cities and districts throughout Indonesia as well as regional organizations (OPD) of the province.

    Role Criteria of LPSE given for an active role in the dissemination and transfer knowledge to LPSE in West Java and or other provinces. While the innovation criteria given for the creation of applications ‘Expert Report’ which allows the performance monitoring more practical and reliable.

    “Alhamdulilah, West Java Kahiji (Number 1) the most earn the award. I think there are no other provinces who got five awards in the period of 2010 to 2015. West Java was already six years in a row won the national procurement award," she said.

    According to Ika, the credentials appreciation also deserves West Java as the only province that received three awards in two consecutive years.

    This situation is consistent with the achievement in the field. Therefore, since it was first introduced in 2008, LPSE successfully contribute to the efficiency of the procurement budget amounting to 14.71% with a total savings of Rp 1,568 trillion over seven years of implementation.

    The efficiency budget of West Java provincial government amounted to Rp1,568 trillion consisting of the achievements in 2009 amounted to Rp 186,929 billion or saving 18.11%, in 2010 Rp 243,346 billion (15.41%), and in 2011 Rp 255,829 (15.40%). Subsequently, in 2012 Rp 173,242 billion (12.75%), in 2013 Rp 169,741 billion (13.63%), in 2014 Rp 156,633 billion (14.39%), and on November 6th, 2015 Rp 383,107 billion (16.64%).

    If recapitulated with the state budget, LPSE in West Java has saved Rp 3.22 trillion (13.66%) of 19.729 work packages with the ceiling Rp 24,335 trillion reduced by offering of Rp20,815 trillion (2008-2015).

    The Next Target

    Ika added that her parties still has the next target, namely providing reliable service that more perfect to service users.

    "Essentially we always want to provide the best, always want to step ahead. Next year, we wants recertification ISO 20071/2013 on Information Technology Security," she said.

    According to her, global certification has been achieved since several years ago in order to maintain the quality of security. After that, Ika said that it gained ISO 20000 of Management Services.



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