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    TB is Still Plague in Banten


    BANDUNG-Commission V House of Representatives which in Public Welfare Field particularly in Health, Family Planning, Communicable Disease and Extra Ordinary Events visit Bio Farma, Monday (31/10), in order to dig up information on the prevention of infectious diseases that occurred in the Banten province. The delegation led by Vice Chairman of the Banten House of Representative, Adde Rosi Khoerunisa, accompanied by Vice Chairman of Commission V Banten House of Representatives Yoyon Sujana, received by Biofarma Director of Planning and Development Sugeng Raharso and Corporate Secretary of Bio Farma, Rahman Rustan and Bio Farma management ranks.

    During the visit which took place in an atmosphere of familiarity, happens quite interesting discussion, among others, still outbreaks of tuberculosis (TB) in the province of Banten, even become a disease that is a priority handling both in hospitals and private hospitals in the province of Banten.

    According to Rahman Rustan, still outbreaks of TB is not because the ineffective BCG vaccine (prevention of tuberculosis), but the fast mutation of the TB bacteria, making the drugs given such as antibiotics become ineffective, in addition to people who is less conscious for treatment regularly for six months.

    "The ability of TB bacteria are mutating faster than the human ability to discover new vaccines or more effective new drugs to prevent the disease, not to mention the public awareness for treatment on a regular basis which is still low "Rahman said.

    Meanwhile, according to Sugeng Raharso, to anticipate the mutation of TB bacteria, Bio Farma has been cooperating with research institutes from abroad to find New TB vaccine (vaccine-TB) that are expected to and more effective against TB bacteria.

    "Bio Farma is currently exploring research cooperation either with research institutes overseas in the form of technology transfer and research institutions in the country to find new TB vaccine, so it is expected that Indonesia will be out from the 2nd largest list of TB patients in the world ", Sugeng said.

    The event concludes with a discussion and answer questions from member of House of Representatives Commission V like handling after finding fake vaccines, rarity tetanus serum, as well as waste production handling, can all be explained by Bio Farma and brighten team of Commission V Parliament Banten. (Even)

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