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    Three Innovation of West Java Would Adopted By 16 provinces


    BANDUNG-Three innovation system owned by West Java Province which has been used to be Pilot Project by the Corruption Eradication Commision (KPK) in terms of the prevention of corruption will be implemented in 16 provinces in Indonesia.

    The three innovation are, in terms of revenue, West Java provincial government has e-Samsat services to facilitate people to pay taxes on motor vehicles without having interaction between officers and taxpayers so opportunities for extortion could be eliminated. Secondly, in terms of employee benefits, West Java has implemented Repairs Allowance Income (TPP), the personnel management system has been successfully performed saving and deleting honorarium employees. Third, in term of licensing, West Java is assessed have successfully implemented integrated one-stop licensing initiated by West Java Investment and Integrated Licensing Agency (BPMPT).

    The success of these West Java Provincial Government three programs make KPK requested so provincial government can implement in 16 provinces and immediately signs Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan with 16 Governors in Indonesia.

    Chairman of Coordination team in Enforcement Supervision and Integrated Prevention team of KPK, Asep Rahmat Suwandha, after doing meeting with West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan in Gedung Sate Bandung, Tuesday (01/11/2016) revealed, he will facilitate the MoU as soon as possible to be done.

    "We hope that the MoU between the Governor of West Java with 16 Governors can be done as soon as possible in order to direct implemented in their respective regions, "he said.

    The same place Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) expressed readiness for the MoU and transfer the experiences relate to three things to the 16 provinces.

    "Of course, we will follow the schedule of the Commission to carry out MoU with 16 Governor to transfer experiences we owned to them, "said Aher.

    Aher said, no matter if other provinces want to adopt West Java application for good, especially to prevent the occurrence of corruption acts.

    "The application must have given, it does not matter, this application id for the common good, if other provinces want to adopt such applications are welcome, "he said.

    When the MoU has been completed, the three applications will be directly applied in a manner the 16 Provinces sent their representatives to the provincial government of West Java or West Java provincial government sent experts team to 16 provinces in order to transfer these three programs.

    "Of course we can do it in two ways, whether they come here to learn or we send messengers to them, " said Aher.

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