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    Ministry of Religion Affairs is Encouraged to Act Responsive in Polemic Alleged Defamation of Religion


    BANDUNG-Ministry of Religion Affairs requested can take a responsive stand in allegations of religion defamation. Although today the issue has been entered into the realm of law, but it is believed things related to religion is a sensitive matter with community. Thus, the Ministry of Religion Affairs has the authority to maintain religious harmony in the context of Unitary Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).
    "Commission VIII of the House of Representatives, also called on the Ministry of Religion to be responsive. Minister of Religion enters into religious matters only, not to the realm of law, "said Vice Chairman of Commission VIII Iskan Qolba Lubis in release received by jabarprov.go.id, Tuesday (1/11).
    Iskan added, if it happens blasphemy conducted by certain parties, it should be the Minister of Religion which should say explicitly.

    "But the important thing is not just to one particular party. It means, if there is blasphemy against any religion, it should behave, "he added.
    Therefore, after this issue, the House of Representatives Commission VIII will encourage the Religion Ministry to be more focused dealing with religious issues. It can be done with how to empower and encourage a dialogue with religious community organizations.

    "Particularly in keeping how to make harmony and unity with one another, particularly among religions, "he said.
    With this way, the issue of dealing with confidence people of other faiths as it happens today, can be anticipated well.

    "Because that's for sure, if there are other people dealing with others beliefs, it would be a conflict in society, "he said.
    It is known, Iskan said on coming 4 November 2016, there will be demonstrations of its kind undertaken by Islamic organizations on the alleged defamation of religion performed by certain parties. The Islamic Organizations demanded that the legal process on alleged blasphemy can be immediately prosecuted by the police, so it is not protracted polemic in society. (NR)

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